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Intruder: A Horrifying, Poetic Tale received a 5 Star Review at Readers' It was reviewed by Faridah Nassozi.

Book Review:

Intruder: A Horrifying, Poetic Tale by M. L. McAmis is a story about an old witch who killed his brother and the grim events that followed. Awoken by a sound, he hid in his closet and waited to see who/what the intruder was. Fearing the worst, in a poorly lit room and without glasses, he came out of the closet and started hitting the intruder until it was dead and bleeding on his bedroom floor. Imagine his surprise when he switched on the light, only to see his brother's lifeless body on the floor. Lucky for him, the Immortals swept in immediately and he manages to persuade the head Immortal to help him cover up the crime in exchange for a huge sum of money. He, however, messes up big time when he tries to betray the Immortals and now they want revenge.

Intruder: A Horrifying, Poetic Tale is a dark tale about crime, betrayal, witchcraft, and magic. It is a story that gives true meaning to the saying, "there is no honor among thieves" as a witch betrays the vamps and then they turn on him in a bid to show him who has more power. The events in this horrifying story gave me goose bumps, chills and a rush of adrenaline as I followed the drama, suspense and dark twists and turns as evil fought evil; may the greater evil win. The poetic writing style used in telling this story made it even more interesting to read, making this book even more captivating.
Author Biography

M. L. McAmis is an author and poet from Greeneville, Tennessee. He is a graduate of Long Ridge Writer's Group and the Institute of Children's Literature. He thanks God for his writing talent and being able to share it. He has two books published, "Intruder: A Horrifying, Poetic Tale," and "All This Stress." He is working on a few different books in different genres which will be published in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to read this author biography and God bless you.

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"Intruder: A Horrifying, Poetic Tale" and "All
This Stress" received 5 star ratings at
Both are available in paperback and E book.
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